It has become apparent that this “internet” is not going away anytime quickly, even though it was the common consensus in the 90s.  In addition, sites like Facebook and Twitter have often become better ways to reach and connect with fans than even one’s own website.  However, I am constantly surprised that more do not utilize these vast, yet simple, resources.  There is an astounding amount of resources online with research on how to market yourself better.  I am going to post several in this blog….

First of all are the objections to twitter at Michael Hyatt’s site

Conversely, here are “12 reasons to twitter” by the same author

This article by Thomas Umstattd talks about why people follow others

Dan Zarrella on going viral on twitter

The last of the twitter articles, Using twitter to grow your Business by Michael Stelzner

These last couple articles are ones that I also came across that bring up good points…often times that can be applied to more than the specific topic:

Sonia Simone on  “7 Deadly Sins of Blogging” – Could arguably be named “7 ways to let life pass you by” as these principles relate to more than just blogging.

“8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity and Stifle Success” is, again, an article that can be applied in so many ways.

Neil Cartwright on “The Difference a Word Makes”

Going out with a bang, “The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writer and Marketing Machine”


P.S.I accidentally missed one from Diskmakers newsletter – @-A simple, powerful promotions tool